A snow fly is a pesky insect in the same basic family as the common house fly except that it appears in the Winter season only and is white.

When the weather is cold they flit about in the sky during the mating season and land on the ground when their energy is expended. Generally, because of the freezing weather they then hibernate and hordes of them lie upon the surface of the Earth where they remain until the warm weather season arrives and they melt waiting 'til the next years winter season hiding within secret areas clinging to float copper in Lake Superior.

Some people await their arrival with anticipation and strap on skies and snow shoes or ride snowmobiles in areas where the snow flies have clustered.

During a wind, some of the snow flies awaken and start flitting to and fro again. This is called a snow fly storming.

On the roads and highways machines called snow plows and graders remove the snow flies pushing them to the side of the road into snow banks so vehicles can travel along the roads.

People use shovels, snow scoops, snow throwers and even brooms to clear a way to their houses.

Snow flies are often called buggers by those frustrated with their infestations.

Dat Snow Page for da Houghton County weather conditions for skiing and snowmobiling.