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Heaven is music

Bios of the music makers from classical, rock, country & western and midi sites.

Don`t you think we should have some other stuff in here, too? Well, we certainly will... gotta` have fun!!!

The idea behind this whole thing is to furnish information on some of the music makers from Rock n Roll, Classical, C&W and throw in a few other things that while having nothing to do with music are also entertaining, informative and sure to bring a smile to your face with a bit of fun and frolic and maybe even a few things that will bring a tear to your eye or make you think. Well, hey... that`s the intention anyway. Enjoy!

Bios: Classical Music Composers (eeeyah! Classical gas!)

Tom Simon`s Rock Page: Wanna` know about Chris Montez, The Ventures, The Shangri-las, Bobby Vee and a lotta` other rock n rollers from the `50`s & `60`s with links to other pages? Then hang out here.

The Greatest Films: Here`s hundreds of movies for you to read about from Westerns to Science Fiction and about everything else you could think of. Your favorite may not be here, but some of them sure are.

Oldies Music: Here`s a place to relax full of info on songs and artists from the 50`s thru 70`s. Unreal, man!!!

Helen`s Page - 21 year old Texas beauty queen gives up her title and makes a page with Texas history. Check out the Yellow Rose link for history on that song.

So.... this section is done. On to the next. Time for a cup of Java. Whoops! This thing doesn`t support Java.

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and next, some other places to go...

A Passion For Jazz -Commentary, History & Education

Visit Mikey`s Place - he might win your heart.

U.S. Postal Service: Check out the stamps images. But don`t steal `em. You could end up in Leavenworth.

National Park Service: and how many National Parks does your State have?

Library of Congress: Whew! This is loaded!

Okey dokey... that`s it, the end of the tour.. I hope you enjoyed your stay.

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