SLAN's   Ugly   Graphics

Not the best and maybe the worst. All the graphics in the Ugly Graphic link section were created by me using a digital camera with a little help on occasion using online tools. In as much they ain't worth much, anyone is free to upload them to their site. If you wish to link back to this page use the url
I don't have a banner to provide and I have no apologies for that. I figure any banner I made would just ruin your own page. Now that I think about it... what on Earth would anyone want with any of these anyway? Ah well... they were fun to make and allowed me to express a little creativity. Ugly can be beautiful. At least... I'd like to think so. Some of these ugly graphics are really pretty good, imho. Of course, that could be my imagination.

Simian the ape
Simian welcomes you to Ugly Graphics (when he feels like it).
Simian the ape welcomes you (au)

Ugly Graphics created with an AGFA Smile, a cheap digital camera

Clouds: Might as well start up with something halfway decent. Who doesn't like clouds?
Alien Field: This was taken from the Spacebeagle looking down on a forgotten planet.
Tarpaper: It's the background for this site. Why bother with this? You've already seen it.
Psychedelic garden: If I remember correctly, these are vegetables.
Pencil art: OK... here's Simian's artwork. He said something about him and his girlfriend. Whatever... who knows?
Clouds: Another cloud... anything to brighten up the site after Simian's artwork.
Dirt garden: Well... garden is exagerating a bit. It's just dirt. (Simian has discovered this is actually a view of the planet of the Apes. Or so he says.)
Flower painting: Simian claims he painted this, but I really doubt it.
Petrified flowers: These were found on an exploration in a cave.
Pebble garden: Why not? No worry about weeds for the most part.
Gray wall: I reckon this is a cement wall actually. Not worth quibbling about, though.
White weed: I really don't have a clue as to this even though I made it. You'll have to use your imagination. Not that I'm sure that'll help.
Aparition: This is a regular photo of a beaten up piece of wood. It just turned out this way with no effects added.
Bark: I have never figured out whether tree bark is ugly or beautiful.
Sky Jet: A jet trail streaming aross the sky. I could see the jet but in the pic only the trail is visible.
The birth of a hot guitar:
Footprints in the snow: Simian says they belong to Bigfoot. I think they belong to him.
Snow on Mars: Certainly ugly, but also of scientific interest.
Frog: Somehow I think a frog fits in quite well here.
Compendium of colored junk: More to this then meets the eye, but this is all you'll see. And that may be too much.
The Garden of Eden: Time to put something in with a little beauty.
Ice: An ice field on a far off planet. They grow ice and sell it to Star Trek Voyager.
Birthday Decoration: For Heavy Metal fans.
Wired: This is part of the wiring system of the Spacebeagle. No wonder it's grounded so often.
Fireworks: This is a photo of a photo I took. I was going to send the original to a friend to scan when another friend volunteered to scan it. So I mailed it but it got lost in the shuffle and never got done. Finally, here is this version. The original is much too good to be in this page. This one fits in quite nicely, imho. I may get the original scanned sometimes in the future.
Fireworks (scanned version): I finally scanned it... but I'm not sure it really belongs here because it's not ugly. Oh well!

girl taking a bath
The girl may or may not speak. She's a bit too upset at times to say anything.

girl speaks? (au)