When someone dies, too often people try to comfort those who've lost a loved one saying "don't cry" or "don't be sad; they`ve gone to a better place." Of course, they mean well, but that's ridiculous! Of course you're going to be sad and cry; you've just lost someone dear to you. And we should all reserve the right to cry.

But, while we go through the natural process of grieving for our loss, we should also remember to be grateful for the presence of that person in our lives.

Don't concentrate exclusively on how bad you feel; remember all the good times and feel free to enjoy the memories; don't feel that it's wrong if you suddenly break out laughing at some old memory because you're "supposed" to be sad.

Feel free to grieve and be sad and cry as much as you want, but also remember to be happy that you had the person in your life, and remember that life does go on and is still good, even though we grieve.
~written by my friend Dave~

In memory of my brother Darryl, who passed away July 28, 1998
and my sister Judy, who passed away February 9th, 2005
and Dean and Jeri

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For those who don't know what to say to someone who has lost a loved one, My Sympathies is more than sufficient.

The Spacebeagle