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Spacebeagle rocketship

Spacebeagle Catalogue

Spacebeagle Travel Service

Beyond time & space... See the pyramids along the Nile, Take a trip to a Tropic Isle

Or just hop aboard the Spacebeagle and voyage to the far reaches of the Universe.

Who knows what you will find.

Alien cultures, stars yet unborn and others dead, planets with lush scenery and others with naught but vast wasteland.

The choice is yours... but beware... some of the things you see will be by simple chance.

Who and what goes there remains to be seen.

Previous Spacebeagle Journeys:

All places known and unknown on Planet Earth.

Except never been to Spain but we kind of like the Beatles.

To everyone of the star systems in The Milky Way.

Half of the star systems in the Snickers Galaxy.

Missed The Peanut Gallery due to maintenance failure.

Altair-4: The Forbidden Planet.

Krypton. (Superman! You owe us!)

Flew Bill Gates to Washington D.C. (Did we rake in the bucks! Wow! He took a cab back home saying he thought it`d be more comfortable.)

Delivered Okra & Odwalla juice to top secret destination.

Others to numerous to mention.

Oh yeah, and The Planet of the Apes.

Ready to go? Have your ticket and passport?
Please keep in mind the Spacebeagle is under constant repairs so you may not end up exactly where you thought you were going.

NOTICE: The Spacebeagle is not responsible for lost luggage, injuries incurred due to the fault of the passengers, or the sometimes rambunctious behavior of Robby the Robot or Simian the Ape.

Enjoy your trip!

The Spacebeagle at work